Smart Gas Monitor & Gas App

The Smart Gas Monitor is a device with internet connection that constantly monitors
the level of LPG in your cylinder through the Gas App mobile application.
It sends alerts to your mobile phone on the level/status of your LPG
and gas leakages through SMS and push notifications.

Amazing Features

Never run out of gas.
Just mount your LPG cylinder on the device, connect with your mobile phone and start enjoying these amazing features.

Free Mobile App

A free mobile application that works on all platform. The app receives SMS and push notifications from the Smart Gas Monitor on the level/status of the LPG .

LPG order & instant delivery

The app connects you with our partners for instant swap of almost empty LPG cylinders with a filled one.

Gas consumption statistics

Gives you access to consumption statistics which helps you monitor and know your monthly/yearly gas usage. You can plan efficiently by analyzing the gas usage report available on the app.

Gas Leakage Detection & Alert

The device also detects gas leakages and sends an alert to your mobile phone for immediate attention.

How does it work?

We are taking orders. You can order your own Smart Gas Monitor here.